About us

We are aware of the existent lack of balance between the promise given by most companies and the final result. Most inconveniences occur when the unexpected makes its presence during the collaboration between the client and the selected company.

Thus, Icsulescu aims to always offer top services to its clients. From the first meeting, until the finalization of the project, our clients will know the meaning of a revolutionary Business system, based on a vast experience gained in over 10 years, in various fields. As each project is unique in its own way, a project manager, with his team, will be assigned to each client, to be ready to intervene - and more importantly - to solve, in good time, any problems that may occur. We have chosen, instead of self promoting with colored messages and false guarantees, to focus where it really matters most to each client: fast intervention and monitoring services targeted for the client and its projects. Our support team is permanently with you, not allowing you to waste money or time, regardless of the reasons.